How to make the best out of your Kitsu and Kitsu Cottage

I´ll devide this section into single steps, so that you guys won´t confuse stuff with each other.

But first, let me show you a little commercial, why you and your Kitsu are fighting as one.

They call you "Master", because they share your power with you, so make sure you´ll tread them well.

Part 1: The Kitsu Village

At level 8, or whenever you´ll reach the capital city of your choice(either Ironclaw or Flamewind), you´ll obtain a place of your own, your cottage.

So, how do you get there? press "F" on the keyboard or use this button from your right bottom keylist:

This will lead you to the peaceful little cottage, which is your home now.

In the beginning, it will be pretty empty, because you´ll need to set your kitsu in there, you own stones like these, right?

Those are Kitsu Summon stones.

You need to place them in the 8 empty bottom slots on your cottage management screen, so that it looks like this: - KitsuCottage02.JPG

The other 8 empty slots on the upper cottage management map can be filled tools you can buy from the diffrent shops which are found in the shape of Kitsu Elder Pan.

Looking at this screen makes it easy to send your kitsus working. Click a "..." bubble, close to a filled tool spot.

Now, the working screen should pop up.  It looks like this:

As you can see, the 8 kitsu are found here as numbers again, klick the number, then "beginner" and finally "confirm" to make your kitsu start working for you.

Remember: Pick up the materials personally, because it raises the chance to get a treasure, like it happend here:

Those treasures will make you either good equipped or rich..depeding whst you do with them, so don´t miss those small events!

But, why do some kitsu not appear on the 8 slots when you want to add them to work? I´ll tell you the answer to that on the next part!

Part 2: Your Kitsu

All your kitsu have special abilities, ot every kitsu will be able to do logg wood, but you can look this abilties up at it´s description, if you hover over the stone with your mouse.

Looking at the upper section, they just won´t appear on the work screen, if they cannot do that job, so make sure to have at least 2 Kitsu for each job!

Another imporant thing is:

Only kitsu you found as loot or which were created by Kitsu Fusion have special abilties to aid you with buffs in battle! So by all means DON´T just buy kitsu stones from Pan, except if you just want to drain their essence...because there is another downside: bought kitsu mess up working more often.

You can only put 8 kitsu in the cottage, carry one with you and the rest? Good question! Those go into your archive! It´s there as green book, right above the kitsu cottage button! Can you collect them all?

Part 3: The Soul Forge

(coming soon!)


Planned updates for this guide:

Part 4: The village elders Chu and Pan and their functions

Part 5: Heavenly Kitsu Aizen


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