How to get a mount early in the game!

The own horse is miles away, since you have alot to do before daring to level up, which will be explained in my cottage turtorial later...but what´s the earliest chance to get an own mount?

If you started as one of the 4 Styles from Flamewind City, you´re lucky, because the first area behind the city is a great spot for farming the items we need. If not, don´t worry, just check THIS page for learning about how to use the teleporter.

So, we´re now a Fallen Ghoose Cliff.

There is an area full with birdlike enemies called "Roc". You´ll find alot of pink eggs there. They look like this:

Break as many of these as possible! I marked the locations of the egss in red on this map: - FallingghooseCliffegglocations.JPG

The two bigger circles mark 3 eggs, the small ones one egg.

Now for the possible items that can be inside those eggs:


A pretty useless item, but at least you can sell it to merchants, the worst thing you can get out of it(except for the eg being empty anyway, which can happen now and then as well). This is the most common drop you´ll get.

Low Grade Armor Upgrade Scroll:

This is waaaay better then the dodder! This item can be used to upgrade your armor, so you might wanna collect these at the beginning of your adventure. If you stack up 999 of these and sell them, they go for an okay price as it´s up to you, if you want stronger armor or more money. But those don´t have a 100% success rate!

Low Grade Sword Upgrade Scroll:

This is basically the same as the Armor Scroll, just for swords. It´s a bit more rare then the armor scroll, but you can say the same about itfor selling huge stacks of these. Your desicion again. Those don´t have a 100% success rate as well.

Heavenly Sheet Music:

Now THIS item is, what we´ve been looking for! The Heavenly Sheet Music is an item, which can be traded for many diffrent items in the Capital at one of the Heavenly Elder Kitsu. Most items fetch good prizes at the auction and one of them is known as...

Powerful Red Saber Tooth - our final goal in this tut!

This is a picture I took from the auction, so you can see for yourself, why it is awesome that you have a slight chance to get him for free! So if you got already one to ride on and a second one for your achive, you can sell every further one of these for a good price! He speeds up travling by 70%, so he is really worth all the hassle to get him.

We need 10 Heavenly Music Sheets, to give it a try and have an chance on getting him.

Now, where do I find the Heavenly Kitsu Elder who collects the sheets?

Remarkable about them is, that they´re NOT standing togehter with the other two Heavenly Kitsus and there is only one for each Clan Captial.

In Flamewind City, his name is Heavenly Kitsu Elder Di and he looks like this:

His coordinates are: 202,333

His counterparts coordinates in Ironclaw City are: 320, 105

Both look very alike and wear the same yellow kimono, so you won´t be able to miss them.


Now, good luck on getting the Powerful Red Saber Tooth and don´t loose patience everyone!



There is another good spot, where you can farm Sheets: - rhiwc3.jpg

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