Answers for Beginner Questions

You just created you very own Kitsu Saga character and entered the wonderful new world, but suddenly you have a ton of questions! That´s what I´ll try to cover here.


Q: Will I be able to miss quests?

A: No, only those, which leave a blue scroll below your minimap(screenshot will follow) and the Biography quest, which you can get from the Studious Sidekick, who is mentioned her as well, so do the blue scrolls and the biography quests on each map first, to avoid loosing them forever, due to levling up to much or not doing them until it is too late.

Q: Can I get lost in Kitsu Saga easily?

A: No, because there are many things helping you in here, like these:

1. The minimap:

This is how it looks like, it should be in the Top right corner of your screen.

Computer: Here you can change settings, channels or leave the game
Letter: If it´s flashing, you´ve got a mail!
?: This is the Playersearch, if you wanna meet a friend who just started, you can find him quickly, thanks to that opition. Of course you can find high level characters too, you just need to now their Style and Level(of course the in-game name as well) and can directly add them as friends from here.
Partyinvitation: You search for other gamers around the same level as you and such...
Heart: This for Lovers only...yes, you can have a Lover in here!
+/-: Those change obvious thing about the Minimap.
Crossed blades: Territory Battle, my guild doesn´t do these, so I can´t say much about this yet...
Thumb: Here you see a list of daily recommended quests everyone can do and which will be rewarded by the Heavenly Kitsu! Try to look at them, to know their conditions.
Scroll: This is the Event management screen, don´t forget to check it!
Red Shield: This shows the Ranking of the worlds gamers...
It says Battlefield...I donno ore about it!
Compass: Click on it for the full-sized map.

2. Full-sized map: - map.JPG

This is, how the whole thing looks, as you can see, there is two options:

Monster: You can search for a specific enemy sing this and it will be marked in red on your map, very useful!
NPC: Can´t remember, where a certain NPC is? This will help you alot!



Q: What items should I get first?
A: There are a few, you should watch out for:


"Blue Velvet Drawstring Bag" costs 5 Gold.

Aim for bigger backpack from the start it will help you! those are sold by the merchants in Iron Claw City and in Flamewind City, as well as by a few others in the following areas.

Equipped, it gives you 6 more slots in your backpack.

You´ll get your first mount for free, but what are you going to do after that? It will dissapear after 24 hours. But luckily, there is a guy in each clan city who let´s you rent a horse in three diffrent colours each don´t wanna WALK miles and miles, if you can get one of these...

His sign on the map is obviously the golden horse head.


Q: When will I get my own PERMANENT horse?
A: For a horse you need to join a guild and get 2000 Fraction Fame(either Iron Claw or Flamewind), get on level 40 and have 1000 gold. If you want a free mount VERY soon, follow THIS turtorial.



Q:  What do I need my Kitsu for?
A: He/She collects your loot, can farm raw materials and craft armor and weapons for you at your cottage. They can buff you up, so don´t simply buy them at your cottage, but fuse/find your own ones! Turtorial about using Kitsus in the cottage will follow soon...


Q: I wanna toss an item out of my backpack, how do I do that?
A: Click it, hold it and let go of it out of the backpack´ll get this message, if you have done it right:



Q: I saw glowing weapons, I want one too!
A: You´l need a weapon for your class first, which has Soul Jade slots.

Like this one:

You got one? Very good! Then the next step is to get a Soul Jade.
A Soul Jade is an item thats avalable in many colours and many shapes...but they mostly look like this one:

Now, you have both in your backpack, weapon and Soul Jade. right-click the Soul Jade, then point at the weapon/shield/armor or what else of equiment you have to add it in there. But remember: only swords will glow from using it!


Q: I dunno where to get a Soul Jade from! Where do I find these?
A: There is two options:

First one: do a quest from the Studious Sidekick, you´ll find him in every city with quests related to the area.

The kid is always togehter with a man, who will become important later, but both are rather important NPCs!


Q: Is my Kitsu Cottage just a dull place?
A: By all means´s a vital place for you, since you do quests there as well, get better armors and weapons from and alot of more things...



Q: Why can´t I beat a Prehistoric beast, even if it´s on level 15, just like me?
A: Because it has a whole lot more HP than you and it needs at least a party of 2 level 20+ characters or one level 31 char to beat it alone. - KillingPrehistoricbeasts.JPG

Take a real close look at the characters levels here...and it still took like 15 minutes to take him down!

Q: There are questlogs missing on my personal Famelog, who did this happen?
A: Maybe you did noticed the yellow signs on your main capitals city map. This ones:

This marks the teleporters on each map. Those are very useful devices, especially those in Iron Claw City and Flamewind City, because you can travel between those two (and do the missing quests), for only 1 silver! The other Teleporters have a higher usage cost, however...

To active them, click the weird stature that looks like a mix out of dragon and turtle:

Other then that, there is a possiblity to teleport from Ironclaw City to Flamewind City for free, yes you heard that right: FREE.

For doing that, you need to be at least level 20, so that you can enter the Sword Gate(where you can take the Wolf Smoke Signal Quest). There is a general right from the entrace where you spawn, avoid battles and ask him to teleport you to the other you save the silver for the teleport entirely!

Q: Got an amulet from a quest, where do I use them?
A: Those are really valuable items you can raise your fame for the Style you belong to with, each style has 2 Charity Reps. in the main city, who will gladly take them. One of them will sell you Inner Powers according to how much Fame you have gathered by handing in amulets. Inner Powers are really useful, so do many quests for charity amulets!



Q: I got a weird golden charity amulet at level 25, where do I use it?
A: I´m very sure you´re talking about the Challenge Order, you need it, to fight the masters of the respective styles in their dojo, try looking for them at the capital and talk to them, there will be an option to do a quest/duel, if you have the Order with you(sice you can´t trade or discard it, it will take up one of your itemslots permanently). This is a daily quest, so not all masters will be open for you every day, that´s why it will take me some time to finish the following Master list.

This is the Challenge Order:

Just talk to the style leader, to challenge a master of the style.



Q: Where can I find you in-game, to ask you more questions?
A: Phoenix server, Channel 2, try to find me or my guildmembers, you´ll reconize us by the blue <Fearless> above our heads.


To be continued...

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